Yvette! I will say it
for you. it is so easy now.
I will do you favors.
These are the forest, things
wild and good, a chalet
to us in the dead
of winter. Dead?
Middle, peak, summit to us.

Ah la bahmah, baa, baa
bah, baa, Wy o mi

These, the fingers, the steeple, people,
the opening and closing door, a must;
the sermon delivered, the humming noise,
the women in hats, the mingling of cheeks
and air, the back steps, the credible
drive home again.

Oh ma ha, Am erica! Ca veut
dire… ca veut dire....

Why inquire? What is the use?
These are the floor, these, the glass in the window.
You like it under the trees in summer
and there is nothing more natural
than landscape and women in the Carolinas.

Ah la baa baa

Ooh la, Yvette, everything
beautiful is French. You are
mon petit, ma petite. We are
two bulky desires smoothing
over one another
like Savon d’Orchidee and some other
similar blue lather.

Copyright © 1978 M. B. McLatchey.  All rights reserved.
Published in the author's chapbook
Advantages of Believing, 2015.
Advantages of